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Do you like Acai Berry in the Liquid or Powdered Formula?

Which of the liquid or powder form of the Acai berry is superior? The answer depends on the constituents of each. There are both powders as well as liquids which have little Acai berry extract content in them and consist largely of other ingredients. The berry, which is about as large as a marble or grape, has been called the "super fruit" and provides many benefits to those who consume it or its juice. The adulteration of the berry with other ingredients reduces its efficacy. Purity of the product is therefore critical in ensuring that the most good can be obtained.

The Acai berry is only in a powder or liquid state, because it's liable to rot and needs to be processed if shipped away from South America. Only Braziliain locals are fortunate enough to be able to eat the item in a fresh state. Acai fruit make up about half of the Amazon natives diet. They donate their admirable health and long life to growing the Acai fruit. Acrai fruit is commonly used in many different desserts and sweeteners or eaten as is.

Though there are various benefits that one could attain by using this fruit, the primary one being the weight lose. The Acai berry is famous for its properties to prepare one's body to lose weight when one uses it. Though it doesn't make you lose weight directly, but it prepares your body and make it healthy. As a result the unwanted contents of the body are removed. This fruit along with an apetite suppressant give people a good start for their weight losing program. Apart from the weight loss, people tend to be benefitted in more number of ways when they use this Acai fruit.

Now we are going to talk about whether the Acai berry is in powder form or in liquid form. It is important to find either the powder or liquid in its purest strength. Though some companies claim to have the best, but you will find after reading the product ingredients, that the Acai fruit powder or juice is mixed with other ingredients. So with this discussion out of the way, the doubt that comes to our mind is whether it is a powder or liquid. I could go into all the ORAC, (antioxidant value of a nutritional product) but simply the liquid has three times more nutritional value in each bottle and even with the larger cost of shipping, the juice seems to be the better value.