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The Acai Berry Diet - Does It Work?

You are able to find the acai palm growing in the swamps and floodplain areas of South American and Central America. It is from these palms that the acai berry is cultivated. The fruit or acai berry has been a component of the common diet of alot of the indigenous tribes located inside that area with several ingesting more than 40 % of their complete food intake, by weight, in the form of merely this single item. Legend says that one of the remaining tribes of Brazil exists now for the reason that it was able to fend off starvation via eating the acai berries. It was after Oprah Winfrey mentioned the acai berry on her show that the popularity of the acai berry skyrocketed but the acai berry is mainly appreciated by folks for its benefits as a dietary supplement. Oprah discussed on her talk show that she would be adding the acai berry fruit to her daily nutritional regime when one of the doctors that appears on her tv show affirmed that the acai berry is exceptionally rich with antioxidants. Because of this, there is a great deal of interest in the acai berries abilities to aid in weight loss.

A unique acai berry diet does not until now exist hence it is suggested that concerned persons engage in a weight loss plan and incorporate the acai berry within that plan. By all accounts, the acai berry works properly with other weight loss strategies and with the ingredients which are used in an attempt to clean the colon. What is being debated is that the increase in energy levels and the high amounts of antioxidants in the acai berry is what is causing improved weight loss, not merely the acai berry itself. It must be pointed out that a lot of of these claims have not been independently confirmed by way of controlled scientific experiments. Even the declaration of acai berry juice having higher antioxidant levels than red wine and blueberry juice is disputed, with some experiments suggesting the levels are lower in the acai. In any case the dietary benefits of antioxidants themselves are under discussions.

It is the grouping of amino acids, phytosterols and critical fatty acids that act all together and pick up digestion, increase metabolism and hence, reduce hunger. Detoxifying the body, increasing the wellness of the cardiovascular system, increasing mental lucidity, boosting the immune system, enriching the ability to see and slowing the aging process are only a few of the benefits which are being assumed about the acai berry diet. It is regrettable that not any of these claims are verified.

In addition, there are no particular exercise routines which can be linked to the acai berry diet. As of now the acai berry is offered as is (i.e. the fruit itself) or as food supplements in the form of puree, juice, powder, capsules and tablets and it can cost between $ 40.00 and $80.00 per month depending on the dosage. Even though the acai berry and the acai berry diet have been promoted as being a miracle fruit, there are simply a tiny number of scientist that will testify to only some of these claims. So, even though a few dieters claim that their appetite has decreased, maintaining this sort of diet can turn out to be rather expensive.