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Acai Berry Drink - What is True?

Central and South America is where the acai berry grows in significant numbers. It is from the acai berry that acai juice is derived. The pulp itself, which is the most critical portion of the berry, is exceptionally thin. It covers the seed and is simply one millimeter thick all around. A special system using a container filled with a exact amount of water is utilized to separate the pulp from the pit. The container is shaken in such a way that the two separate, after which the puree of pulp and water is processed to compose the juice (or powder). It is astonishing that the acai berry has just lately become a wide-reaching phenomenon as a nutritional complement. It has been utilized for thousands of years by those which are native to Central and South America and has made up a sizeable part of their normal diet. After getting some helpful coverage on top rated Television talk shows, farming of the acai palm has began in a more professionally marketable manner in the countries where it is found, chiefly Brazil.

Further opinions from athletes and health care professionals, that have been better than neutral if not downright positive, has resulted in this powerful berry zest finding a place in nutrition bars, smoothies, ice cream, tablets, etc, besides the juice previously mentioned. A number of websites affirm that the acai berry drink has more antioxidants than pomegranates, cherries, red wine, different kinds of berries; blue-, cran-, etc. Nonetheless, there have been little independent controlled scientific analysis and experiments on this fruit to arrive at any distinct supposition, and the claims can be considered as supposition, at most. Taking this fact into account, added traits assigned to the acai berry drink, such as it having a elevated dietary fiber content, phytonutrients, important omega fats and branched chain amino acids can be given due importance. It is valid as well that several of the benefits that are portrayed are inadequately verified. A few examples of those benefits are heightened libido, being beneficial to the heart and skin, improved digestive function, increased energy levels and reducing cholesterol, et cetera. In spite of this, a few undeniable facts have emerged from scientific studies of the acai berry drink and other varieties of the processed berry and these are;

• When a patient is in need of an MRI where contrast agents are required, the acai performs extremely well.
• It is a stable organic coloring agent and
• There have been tests conducted that are showing that experimental leukemia cells grow at a reduced pace when the patient is utilizing acai.

It is thus correct to hold back judgement regardless of all the hype over whether the acai berry drink is really as much of a potent fruit as it is made out to be. Whatever independent scientific studies have been completed show the acai berry to be average or slightly better than that in terms of nutritional content, antioxidant levels, important vitamin content, and so on as compared to other fruits of a comparable type. The quality of the acai products is now in doubt. In actuality, numerous consumers have filed complaints against the manufacturers making exactly this claim. They are troubled that they may have been scammed and even though a few are applying for their free trial money back, not all are in receipt of their refund.