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Acai Berry Side Effects - What Are Likely?

The acai berry comes from the marshy & floodplain jungles of South and Central America where the fruit grows in clusters on the acai palm. It has formed an important part of the customary pattern of eating of the majority of the tribes in that area. Acai berry products have found global acceptance as natural supplements of late, thanks to its high levels of antioxidants. The marketing efforts for these goods together with its mention in some quite well-liked TV shows has led to the rise in popularity of this fruit that has existed for centuries. Nevertheless, the berry has not sufficiently been studied as yet regarding the makeup, nutritional properties, & if there are any acai berry side effects.

Those persons who have started taking the acai berries as is or in its assorted forms found in food supplements such as puree, tablets, capsules, powders and juices are doing so principally to try out something new in the way of a natural dietary food source or as a weight loss regimen. Given that sufficient controlled scientific research is yet to be done on the acai berry fruit, therefore it can be said that all the claims made by the advertisers in regards to the lot of advantageous aspects of the extraordinary acai berries is simply speculative in nature without any concrete logic behind same.

Some of the reasons that acai goods are being promoted include the supposed boost in digestion and enhanced metabolism as a result of it having the correct combination of amino acids, phytosterols and essential fatty acids. In addition, energy levels and general well-being is increased because of the improved levels of antioxidants in acai based schedule. Other positives cited by fans of acai berries include improved heart health & mental clarity, improved eyesight, slowing the aging process as well as detoxification and purification of the body leading to a boost in immunity.

So far the only acai berry side effects that have been recorded for the acai is that it causes loss of hunger. Overweight individuals consider this an advantage, though it can be damaging to the health of anyone that is malnourished. It is for that reason worthwhile to consult a physician and or a nutritional professional prior to starting off on any acai based regimen. Those sensitive to some of the components in acai might experience rashes. Nevertheless this may be considered trivial as most individuals are allergic to some compound or another, even if they occur quite abundantly in nature.

To review, acai berries are risk-free plants found in nature that the planet populace has started to pay attention to because of claims that they have extraordinary properties. Nevertheless, so far the acai fruit has not been researched well enough to guarantee a lot of the claims presented, but what cannot be denied is that it does have substantial dietary value.