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How to lose weight with Acai Berry

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Acai and Antioxidants

ORAC Values (Antioxidant Activity of fruits and vegetables)

Energy Boosting Effect of Acai Berry

Acai Berry Juice Antioxidant Benefits

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Acai Berry A Short Introduction

The Acai Berry is small in size & circular in shape and is bluish-black in color & looks just like a blueberry or grape though it is smaller in dimension & a lot darker in its color than the grape or even blueberry. The fruit usually grow on huge palm trees, are pulpy with a huge pit tucked in & are innate to the rain-forests of Amazon region. Additionally, these berries grow in bunches, comparable to bananas, and one tree can supply up to eight bunches.

Over the centuries, Acai Berry has yielded abundant benefits to native Brazilians. With two times the antioxidants properties of a blueberry, these berries are the greatest available. There are quite a lot of reasons why it is considered a miracle food including being rich in amino acids, omega fats, antioxidants, electrolytes and has plenty of vitamins including A and B1 as well as vitamin E.

Although this wonder berry is an outstanding food in itself, it furthermore provides a lot of health advantages and for several hundred years the natives of the Amazon rain forests have used this berry to treat a number of diseases including curing of digestive troubles, skin itching and even sexual disorders & even insomnia. Because of the low sugar content of this berry, it can be utilized in the treatment of diabetes.

It is just recently that scientists in North America discovered the effectiveness of the Acai berry in helping a person feel more alive, healthy and lively. Due to the uniqueness of this berry, it is an component in a lot of energy products such as juices, ice cream, as well as bars.

There are quite a lot of remarkable advantages to consuming the Acai Berry including increasing your lifetime and giving you extra energy as well as making you stronger. It additionally revitalizes energy and appearance, in addition to balancing blood pressure and counteracting cancer.

This berry is now being incorporated in the majority of health diets & it is extensively being utilized by major celebrities as seen on TV. It is a demonstrated fact that this berry extraordinarily increases your digestive powers & inducts massive energy into your system.

It is positively worth including this berry in your diet as this not only helps to condense body fat, but what's more it detoxifies the body.