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Acai Beginnings

The acai berry grows from an Amazon palm in the north of Brazil. The traditional belief is that an ancient tribal chief, worried about starvation since the tribe had grown too large, decreed that all new babies born were to be slain.

Unfortunately, his daughter also had a child but he insisted that she too must lose the child for the sake of the tribe. While mourning for her lost child she thought she heard her baby cry outside but all she found was a new palm tree full of fruit growing where there had been none before. She laid down under the palm tree and died from a broken heart.

When she was found the tribe started to eat the berries from the tree and found that their hunger was abated and that they had increased energy. The chief declared that the tree be called the acai (ah-sigh-ee) which was his daughters name, Iaca, spelled backwards. Since then the tribe has flourished with no more hunger. The chief decreed that no more babies would be killed.

From this time on, and even up to today, the berry from this palm has been used throughout the region and forms an integral part of their diet.

Since the 1950's doctors in that part of the world have realized the health benefits of this berry. More recent studies show that this small, insignificant berry is packed with nutrients and amino acids etc., which can only be beneficial to today's hurried and stressed individuals.

It gives energy as well as balancing important levels of insulin plus it allows the uptake of important amino acids into the tissues and joints. In fact it has more benefits than drinking red wine which has been touted for years. It even surpasses the benefits of olive oil which is another well known favorite of doctors and health experts.

Perhaps the best thing about the products made from this small acai berry is that it is virtually impossible to overdose on it. Unlike the red wine which has obvious side effects should you take too much!