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How to lose weight with Acai Berry

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Acai and Antioxidants

ORAC Values (Antioxidant Activity of fruits and vegetables)

Energy Boosting Effect of Acai Berry

Acai Berry Juice Antioxidant Benefits

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Acai Berry Anti Oxidants

There have been many claims made for the acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry which was discovered on the slopes of the Brazilian rain forest.

Many claim health benefits far beyond any other fruit or berry and scientists have taken it upon themselves to do more research into this small insignificant acai fruit.

Apart from the more usual benefits like stabilizing insulin, lowering of blood pressure, active encouragement of the uptake of other vitamins and oils etc., this berry has properties far beyond our wildest dreams.

Scientists are currently working on testing the extracts of this berry on cancer and leukemia cells with promising results. It is the darkness of the berry which holds all the health giving products and this berry in particular is jam packed with all good stuff.

The people of North Brazil call this berry 'the fruit that cries' and is buried deep in their ancient stories. They have used it for its health giving properties for many years and all report this amazing energy boost when they take it on a regular basis.

Indeed, this fruit is becoming so popular that even prestigious television shows are highlighting the benefits on a regular basis!

Just imagine that this small berry has up to thirty times the health value than red wine or olive oil. Of course, it is much easier to take than wine and oil and you get to see the results much faster and without the detrimental effects of too much wine!

The fruit was available in juice form in many health foods shops and gourmet outlets but the trend now is to get it in several different forms. Dried, pulped or in tablet form. Whatever is suitable for your lifestyle, you can usually find it. Many outlets sell direct to the public promising delivery in a matter of days.

Keep an eye on the press releases surrounding this new 'super' food. It seems that different claims are being made on a regular basis – so much so that scientists are now taking in very seriously.

Whatever they discover, you could be taking it right now, why waste time?