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The Cure for Cancer? Acai Berry's Cancer Fighting Properties

There is a berry which grows in the rain forests of Brazil which is causing some excitement amongst the medical fraternity. This is the acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry which is packed full of vitamins and anti oxidants.

For hundreds of years the local peoples have been using this dark purple berry as a supplement in their diets and they have been benefiting from it in many different ways.

In recent years it has become available in America and many people are discovering the advantages of taking this delicious juice or supplement.

For example, many people report a lowering of the cholesterol in their blood which has resulted in the lowering of the need to take cholesterol drugs. Indeed, some people claim that they no longer need their medications since they started to take the juice.

Others report an increase in energy levels along with a 'feel good' sensation which enables them to go about their daily business with much more enthusiasm.

Other benefits include the connective tissue regeneration and anti inflammatory effects throughout the body. This means that arthritis is being helped – less pain and more supple joints – plus the anti inflammatory property naturally present is an anti aging effect which is a great bonus.

However, what is most astounding is that when this extract is introduced to cancer and leukemia cells, in laboratory conditions, the cells are actually dying! Not all of them die but the effect is enough to get scientists excited by the prospect of finding a cure for mankind's scourge.

Since the introduction of this juice to America some few years ago, manufacturers have introduced other forms of the juice for ease of use. Whether it is capsules, freeze dried berries or pulp this wonderful discovery is available in a form which can fit in to anyone's lifestyle.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should always check the source of this juice or product. There is no point spending money on a more dilute form of the juice or a weaker tablet. Always check for quality before committing to a large order.