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How to lose weight with Acai Berry

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Acai and Antioxidants

ORAC Values (Antioxidant Activity of fruits and vegetables)

Energy Boosting Effect of Acai Berry

Acai Berry Juice Antioxidant Benefits

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Acai Berry The Energy Booster

It is the greatest claim for acai (ah-sigh-ee) is the excellent energy boosting properties of the berry juice and supplements that have been confirmed by many who have used it.

The results are claimed to have been seen in just one or two weeks after taking the product. Along with improved digestion the users claim to experience a sharpening of mental abilities plus they experience a much sounder sleep.

It may sound a little far fetched but did you know that these fruits contain more protein than an egg? They contain multi vitamins and are loaded with lipids - which we mentioned earlier as the energy booster.

Even the anti oxidant levels are more than thirty times higher than grapes and wine which have been touted for many years as a healthy supplement for heart health.

The cholesterol levelers incorporated in the acai berry have been found to be significantly more effective than those of most other natural supplements on the market presently. The importance of this little berry can be evident once you see it contains antioxidants which are good for heart and blood circulation.

And it doesn't stop there. The vitamins and minerals present in this 'super' food actively encourage the uptake of important oils into the connective tissue. What does this mean? Plain and simple, the body absorbs more of the vital oils required for muscle development and pliability - wonderful news for anybody who is afflicted with arthritis and similar ailments.

Therefore, it appears that eating this magical little berry every day is all it takes to get healthier. Wouldn't you like to feel more energetic, sharper, alert and give your heart a good boost?

Doctors and scientists have not verified everything that is claimed but anyway it won't do you any harm to drink this juice or take a supplement.

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol level and weight should be taken before starting to monitor yourself in a month or so. In this way you won't have to wait for someone else to tell you that you are getting healthier!