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The French Have It

Have you ever wondered why the French, even with their so called 'unhealthy' diets seem to have less cardio problems than the rest of Europe?

It was thought that the red wine which flows at almost every meal counteracted the high fat diets and therefore make them healthier that the rest of us.

And why red wine? Well, the red grapes used to make the wine have high levels of anti oxidants. This anti oxidant, called anthocyanins or polyphenols, counteract the effects of fatty diets and smoking. Indeed, polyphenols have been proven to improve some illnesses and in others actually reverse the problems being encountered.

Anthocyanins found in some fruit are several times richer in vitamin c than other fruits and this can only be good for the human body.

The acai berry (ah-sigh-ee) is somewhat of a revelation since it contains more anthocyanin than any other fruit. By taking this fruit, whether in juice form or in any of the several other forms, the body benefits from extremely high doses anthocyanins.

Inflammation within the body and collagen – the connective tissue in joints – both benefit from this in that inflammation is reduced and connective tissue is repaired. Great news for people suffering with age related diseases such as arthritis.

Also helped, or so it is claimed, is the brain. As we age our brains are slower but taking the product of the acai berry helps in reversing this process.

Blood vessels too are not left out of this phenomenal process. The anthocyanins protect the linings of the blood vessels and help to keep the veins clear of blockages.

Diabetics are also catered for by this 'super' fruit. Diabetics have a problem with 'bleeds' in their eyes. The body is virtually damaging itself by over producing certain proteins. Anthocyanins could help with the 'bleeds' which in turn will stop the body over producing the damaging proteins. Cholesterol is also kept in check which is good news indeed for diabetics and the rest of us.

Many other benefits are being attributed to this small fruit. Take some time to check it out.