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Acai Berry Juice Antioxidant Benefits

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Natures Multi-Vitamin

The new 'wonder' food that has everyone talking is the acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry which grows deep in the rain forests of Brazil. This seemingly insignificant berry has many benefits for the health conscious.

Essential vitamins, energizing nutrients, anti-oxidants and anti aging properties etc., are said to be contained in this berry. This fruit, which grows on a particular Amazon palm, seems to be the answer to so many health problems.

Red wine has long been touted as having benefits if taken in moderation. The juice from the acai berry has more than ten times the same ingredient. This can only be good news for healthy hearts and also benefits the digestive tract at the same time.

But the benefits don't stop there. Human bodies need omega oils to keep the joints supple. The juice from the acai berry contains fatty acids which encourage the uptake of omega oils. This means that arthritic joints and pain could be a thing of the past.

Another aspect of the juice is that it helps to keep insulin levels stable. Diabetics have reported that they are either taking less insulin or none at all after starting on the products of the acai berry. The anti-inflammatory properties contained in the berry means that aging is kept in check.

Excess weight is also helped when taking the acai supplements. Many people have reported weight loss or an ability to keep weight at a steady level.

Some people have laid claim to cancer fighting aspects of the acai berry. Of course, if you are unfortunate enough to have cancer, you must check all this out with your doctors before you give it a try.

The internet has many testimonies claiming all kinds of benefits from the acai berry. Possibly the best piece of advice would be to give this product a try. After all, I am sure many people scoffed at the penicillin anti-biotic when it was first discovered but where would we be without it today?

The berry comes in many forms; juice, powder, capsule, freeze dried etc. Find out which fits into your lifestyle and give it a try.