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Why Pure Acai Berry Is The Right Choice For You

It has been shown that organically grown fruits and vegtables including the acai berry are more nutritious then chemically grown farm fruits and vegtables. The University of California, Davis, agraculture department researchers grew corn and marionberries (similar to blackberries) in three different control crops. One crop was grown organically with no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Another crop was grown in a sustainable method, meaning reduced or no synthetic pesticides. And the third crop was grown with traditional pesticides and fertilizers for largest and most profitable crop.

The organically grown crops contained nearly 65% more phenolic compounds which are powerful health promoting antioxidants then the traditionally grown crops. The researchers speculate that the plants produce more phenolic compounds as a defense mechanism to protect against disease and pests.

All Amazon Thunder acai berry products are produced with organically grown acai palms. The acai berries are processed and refined in USDA organic certified facilities in Brazil to ensure the highest quality and freshness. The products are made from pure acai berry concentrate with no sugar added. Sugar causes inflamation and acai berry is an anti-inflamatory. You also will not find caffeine added to any Amazon Thunder acai products.

Pure acai berry is all you'll find in Amazon Thunder acai berry juice, acai berry capsule supplements, and acai berry freeze dried powder. The only additions you,ll find is grape juice as a sweetner in the acai berry juice. One ounce per thirty two ounce bottle. Camu camu is added to capsules and the freeze dried powder as an option. Camu camu improves the absorbtion of the acai berry in the body giving you a rapid and full benefit of all of acai berries antioxidants.