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The Acai Berry - The Benefits are Amazing

The acai berry is considered by many as a super fruit since it has many of the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and the like that are considered extremely vital in keeping a person fit and healthy. The acai berry can be found all across the rain forests of Central and South America and is derived from the acai palm. There are several species of plants and animals that are fading as the rain forests vanish. We were fortunate that the acai berry was discovered before it disappeared. It is extremely improbable at this instant that the acai berry would befall the destiny of a lot of the other species of rain forests. Its acclaim through the efforts of talk show hosts as well as local and international marketing professionals have created a shelter so that the berry does not disappear. That is good news for the native Indian tribes who have enjoyed the berry as a staple in their diets for many many years.

The benefits that are intended to be available to users of the acai berry products consist of:

Valuable antioxidants can be found in great supply

The acai fruit is loaded with many of the vitamins that we need

Omega fatty acids, including Anthocyanins, can be found in significant numbers which help you to maintain a healthy heart

Consuming the acai fruit is also good for the skin because of the compounds inside it

Sight is enhanced

Individuals taking the acai berry products feel revitalized because it increases energy levels

There are improvements to a mans sexual prowess

The acai berries are enormously high in fiber so they improve digestion

Aging occurs at a slower rate of speed

One of the benefits most utilized in the marketing campaign for the acai berry products is that the products assist in reducing a persons appetite consequently contributing to weight loss.

Many of the claims listed above have not been proven by experts, technical researchers or scientific experiments.

There are a few benefits that have been found:

The juice from the berry is a stable and natural coloring agent

Because of its color contract qualities, it is significant while utilized during MRI scans

To some degree it has been shown to slow the development of leukemia cells grown in a laboratory.

The scientific community is simply not set to label the Acai berry a super fruit at this point. There is some evidence to illustrate that the compounds that make up the fruit pulp are somewhat better than those fruits that are comparable in dark color to the acai berry, but nonetheless, not substantial enough to deem the acai berry to be a wonder fruit. So, now that the hype is in the past, the reality of the matter is this. Individuals are reporting that they have been scammed regarding the quality ingredients found in the acai berry products. They have increasingly decided not to go on with consuming the acai berry products and although many have filed to acquire refunds after opting out of the free trial offers, countless are not receiving the refunds that they were promised. This has caused alot of the talk show hosts to proceed with some spirited investigations into whether their attention to the acai berry and its products might be the main reason that it reached acclaim and therefore deceived so many of their viewers.

That being said, the number of true believers in this wonder food is also on the rise and it is left to the individual to make a decision whether or not to spend the required amount of money to buy and with a bit of luck benefit from the acai berry.